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On New Year’s Day, a young, unarmed, black man was shot in the back by police in Oakland, CA. The young man was being subdued by other officers. A couple of partners on the BART train when the shooting occurred, captured it on video. I was on vacation when is incident happened on New Year’s Day, so I wasn’t really following it. I began hearing about rioting earlier this week. I can understand the people wanting to protest, but they should not destroy property or become violent—it doesn’t help the cause. This shooting IS totally outrageous though. From what I understand, you can’t claim “self-defense” when you shoot someone in the back, so what is this “2-year-veteran” cops excuse? “A BART spokesman has said there is more to the story than what can be seen on the grainy images.” Well, I can’t wait to hear what that would be.

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