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Tonight is “must see TV” time for me. Damages starring Glenn Close finally returns for a second season. It’s a legal thriller set in New York City. I really love this show. Originally FX was going to cancel it for lack of viewers, so I’m glad to see it’s back.

Watching Glenn Close is always a thrill. Remember her in Fatal Attraction? Well, consider this the trial lawyer version of Fatal Attraction. Close plays high-powered attorney Patty Hewes. Her fresh out of law school, ambitious protégé, Ellen Parsons, soon begins to wish she had never met Patty. It doesn’t take long to see that Patty Hewes is crazy.

The hook to the show is that the story is told in flashback. This might be the reason why the show didn’t catch on with audiences. The first episode of the first season opens what the trusty protégé Ellen Parsons in police custody for the murder of her boyfriend. Each week the show takes viewers back in time as the story is revealed. It’s good drama and great acting—a couple of things I look for in “must see TV.”

Oh, I forgot to mention, during season 1, Ted Danson plays a ruthless, greedy CEO being sued by former employees in a class action lawsuit—which is the main storyline for the season.

Take a few minutes to catch up before show time at 10 pm. EST—Damages Season 1 Recap

Trailers of upcoming season, which begins tonight.