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If you have iTunes and have not tried the “Genius” feature yet, you are missing out on a musical treat. I’ve been working at my computer and jamming for over an hour. I happen to have over 3,000 songs loaded on my iTunes/iPod. Some of the songs haven’t played since 2004. The Genius feature of iTunes does an awesome job of creating a playlist of similar music—often pulling in stuff you haven’t heard in years. And the other great thing is that you can save the playlist for future use—when you sync your iPod that playlist will be loaded also. It is so simple and so cool to use.


To get started, all you do is:

  1. First, you have to upgrade to iTunes 8. Once it is installed you have to “update” Genius so that it can gather information about your music collection.
  2. Select a song from your iTunes library.
  3. Click the Genius bottom at the bottom of the iTunes window.
  4. iTunes will now give you a list of related or similar music. You will have to “train” Genius about the music that is in your collection for it function correctly. If you purchase new releases, it may take a little time for Genius to recognize the new releases.
  5. You can limit your play list to 25, 50, 75 or 100 songs.
  6. Based on what in your collect, iTunes will recommend other songs that you can purchase at the iTunes Store (of course there was ulterior motive—to get you to purchase more music).

It’s that simple and easy.


Genius is simple and easy to use.

You can customize the length of your playlist.

You can customize the length of your playlist.

Genius will recommend music you that might be missing from your collection.

Genius will recommend music that might be missing from your collection.