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After having ditched his appearance on David Letterman’s show back in September, John McCain finally showed up. Originally, he ditched Dave because he said that he had to get back to Washington to help solve the economic crisis—he even suggested they postpone the first presidential debate until the infamous $700 billion bailout package was signed. The funny thing was, McCain took the time to give an interview with Katie Couric before he actually left for Washington. Dave did not take too kindly to being stood up. In case you missed Dave’s rant, you can check it out here.

Dave should have been the moderator during one of the debates. He asked some questions we really wanted to know about—especially about McCain’s selection of his running mate. What was he thinking when he selected Palin? Was she his first choice? Inquiring minds want to know. McCain was still whining about Obama not “repudiating” (a word I’m tired of hearing) John Lewis’ words against the racist stirrings at some of McCain’s rallies. And yes, Obama did express disapproval of Lewis comparing McCain and Palin to George C. Wallace. Obama’s disapproval of Lewis is more than McCain offered in reference to the tone at his rallies. During the debate, he even said he was proud of the people who attend his rallies. There is nothing wrong with that, but what McCain failed to do was “repudiate” the racism that was loudly expressed at his rallies. When Dave asks McCain if he was aware of the things that Palin was saying to incite those on the “fringe,” he was about to say no. And let me add, it was nice of McCain to correct the elderly woman who called Obama “an Arab,” but he did this after a whole week had gone by with Palin and Cindy aligning Obama with “terrorists” which was their subtle way of trying to say he was one also. Because post Sept 11, 2001, you don’t use that word “terrorist” casually—unless you are trying to incite fear/hate/anger.

I really digressed a bit here, but if you missed the interview, here it is in its entirety, thanks to CBS (unfortunately you have to watch a commercial first.)

(Added note: You can disagree with me about what I’ve said about John McCain or my support for Barack Obama, and that is perfectly fine. But if you leave a rude comment, it will not be posted, so don’t waste your time typing it here.)