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As we know, John McCain decided to “suspend” his campaign because of the economy. He needs to get back to Washington to help solve the problem. Now I understand needing to be there for this important vote, but that’s just a plane ride away.

He also wants to postpone the first debate with Barack Obama. Hmmmm… Sounds like a student trying to get out of taking an exam. Does he need a little more time to study? The bad thing about “postponing” the debate is that we don’t have much time left until the election. And as Sen. Obama said, now is the time people really what to hear what the candidates have to say about how they will handle this mess that will inherited by one of them. I know I’ve been looking forward to hearing something besides the negative ads McCain has been flooding the NJ area with. I want to see them go toe to toe on the hard questions. If this week’s debate gets canceled, and the timeline gets too tight to reschedule, one of the four debates will have to be dropped. Guess which one will get the ax? I’ll give you one guess—it won’t be one of the three presidential debates. Now, if I were a conspiracy theorist I might think that was the plan all along—another GOP campaign strategy to protect Sarah Palin from the hard questions. See my previous post, Campbell Brown Says, Free Sarah Palin.

But, if suspending his campaign and requesting to put off the debate weren’t enough, it seems the worst thing McCain could have done was blow off his scheduled appearance on the David Letterman Show. I really think Letterman was a bit pissed. He couldn’t stop talking about it for the whole show.

So Dave, tell us how you really feel…