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I must say, Hillary Clinton did her thing last night. She gave a good speech, hitting almost all the points But according to the pundits, she missed one which the Republican’s pounced on right away. Their response to her speech was, in all that she said, she still didn’t express her belief that Barack is ready to lead. However, what she did, that was important, was point out the reasons why this country can’t have four more years of the last eight years.

Her best lines were, “No Way. No How. No McCain.” And also, “…it makes sense that George Bush and John McCain will be together next week in the Twin Cities. Because these days they’re awfully hard to tell apart.

At the end of her speech, someone on CNN interviewed a “die-hard” Hillary supporter. That woman was ridiculous. If you watched the coverage on CNN, you know who I’m talking about. That’s all I’m going to say about her.

If you missed Hillary’s speech, one of the places you can watch it (in parts) is abcnews.com.