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I want to know why this is an issue? They just have to find something to dig for all the time–always nit-picking for no reason. Someone named David Bossie (very to right of course) has been looking high and low for this paper—even taking out a newspaper ad. This dude has gone so far as to call Barack a liar for saying that he doesn’t know where it is. The paper deals with Soviet nuclear disarmament. I Bossie thinks he’ll find something “militant” or some reason to label Barack a “commie.” How many people, who wrote a college paper in 1983, can produce a copy of it? In reality, this was a senior course paper, not a thesis as it is being called. This is such a non-issue. Whoever this Bossie guy is, he needs to get a life.

Read the story here… Obama and the case of the missing ‘thesis’ – Deep Background – msnbc.com.