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The battle of Wendy vs Omarosa may briefly offer a distraction from the battle of Obama vs McCain. The infamous Omarosa (remember her from the first Apprentice?) made an appearance on Wendy’s new show to promote her new book, The Bitch Switch, which comes out soon. And she showed her a** good fashion (as my grandmother would say). I wanna know how, do you go on someone’s show and totally diss them? Wowee…I must say, Wendy did a good job trying to bring it back to some level of civility, but Omarosa was determined to do what she does best. I did think by the end, Wendy wanted to “smack the taste” out of Omarosa’s mouth. Wowee… that’s all I can say. (The video might get removed from Youtube. If that happens, here is another link… Omarosa vs Wendy.)