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According to an ABC News poll, Michelle Obama has a more favorable rating than Cindy McCain. I find that to be very interesting since there is so much negative spin out there about her or things that she is accused of saying.

It seems the Obama camp is on a mission to give Michelle a new image. I was reading an article at NYTimes.com today where they talked about the new image she will be taking on. It was also a very informative article that speaks about she personality and this image change. Now a days, no one on the campaign trail is off limits, so there will be a lot of eyes on Michelle Obama. According to a brief excerpt:

Rather than pulling Mrs. Obama behind a curtain, her husband’s campaign is pushing her farther out on stage. She remains a charismatic presence, and when she gives her husband a fist dap or talks of him as a father, she is telling voters, this is a regular guy. This South Side woman anchors him in her reality.

In coming weeks, Mrs. Obama will visit the spouses of military personnel and talk of the patriotic duty to provide these families with care and services. And the campaign has hired Stephanie Cutter, a veteran strategist, as her chief of staff, who will seek to deflect attacks.

Senator Claire McCaskill, Democrat of Missouri, a close ally of the Obama campaign, says Mrs. Obama must stop sounding like a lawyer trying to win an argument. The trick, she said, is “not pushing so hard to persuade people that Barack is the right one.”

“All she has to do is be likable,” Mrs. McCaskill said.

Mrs. Obama has already had to check her brutally honest approach to talking about race. Now she co-stars in a campaign that would as soon mute most discussion of race.”

Source: abcnews.com, nytimes.com