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As an art director, my career highlight came the day we went to Chicago to direct a cover shoot with none other than Oprah Winfrey. That was April 11, 2008. She was selected to be on the June 2008 cover of the publication that I work for. There was a lot of back and forward between her people and our people, but we were able to get it done. She was in the room maybe 30 minutes, but it was an exciting 30 minutes. The most I got to say to her was, “Hello, my name is…,” as we shook hands. Her people even tried to clear us out of the room, but I didn’t budge—I just stayed in a corner out of the way. But the photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith, called us over to get our photo taken with her. Proud Mary (one of her favorite songs) by Ike & Tina Turner was blasting on the speakers—that’s what we’re singing in the photo. This moment made the whole trip worthwhile—considering the hotel had given away our rooms by the time we got to check in.